Eating Painting - Art Exhibition

Curated by James Biederman & Lisa Taliano
Eating Painting
This exhibition joins the energies and affinities of nine working artists who bring their sense of raw, uncensored yet purposeful meanderings within their intimate interiors toward an explosion and gushing of emotionality and feeling. Their common language is abstraction: the expression of thought, meaning and feeling through a personal invented language of form and color. What has drawn us to these works, is a sense of adventure, a journey of tonality and form which speaks of sound and necessity. The cacophony of color is set in motion by the urgency of the crowding toward the frontal picture plane, the obscurity of the figure ground relationship and the entanglement of form. These elements feed the uncooked consumption of paint as color and substance.

James Biederman | Cora Cohen | Ben La Rocco
Gerard Mossé | Fran O’Neill | Judy Pfaff
Lisa Taliano | Russell Roberts | Thornton Willis

308 at 156 Project Artspace
156 5th Avenue, Suite 308
New York City, NY 10010

Gallery Hours 10 - 6 PM, Monday - Friday
Weekends By Appointment Only

This new inter-disciplinary creative project space is located in the Presbyterian Building, a French Gothic chateaux-inspired building on lower Fifth Avenue. In this architectural jewel with its diverse history, the organization is programming events and exhibitions in which artists and curators have the chance to meet, engage and promote new collaborative projects.

Opening Reception
Thursday, June 25th, 2015
7-9 PM
Closing Reception
Friday, July 24th, 2015
7-9 PM
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