Artist Statement

My work is defined by indeterminate rules that shift and change in the process of making and doing. I mark the location of my awareness in the midst of the multiplicity and the intervals between things that open onto new possibilities and unchartered directions; creating a loose, unfinished structure made from sensations prior to forms and representations. The optic and haptic construction produced is based on a logic that is not about resolving contradictions, but rather weaving together the energies and reflections on the intense and peculiar complexity in the fabric of things. The aim of the game is to find the conditions under which something new can be created.

Lisa Taliano, 2015

I see the surface of the painting as a mental dimension open to the searching mind, where the subjective and objective meet. The play of the geometric shapes on the two dimensional plane is an extension of the mind in space. The result is a configuration which represents a particular interior state, or reflection of my self.

Painting for me is a form of self reflection, a means of furthering self knowledge. In the process of painting, daily life and memories filter their way into the work, and the paintings become a record or diary of felt experience. I paint for myself, but I also paint to connect with others through our shared feelings.

Lisa Taliano, 2010